GPS-Coordinates: 44°45’16.9’’ N 0°18’29.8’’ E


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By air
We are only 25 mins from Bergerac airport and an hour and a twenty mins from Bordeaux airport.
The non stop flights are listed below.

Ryanair flies to Bergerac from, Bristol, Liverpool, London Stansted, East Midlands and Brussels.

Flybe to Bergerac from London Gatwick, Southampton and Exeter.

Jet2 to Bergerac from Leeds BradfordEasyjet flies to Bordeaux from Bristol and Luton.

British Airways fies to Bordeaux from Gatwick and Birmingham.

Ryanair flies to Bordeaux from Edinburgh

Aer Lingus flies to Bordeaux from Dublin.

There are many Car Hire companies based at both airports.

Use the tunnel for speed or the ferries to Le Havre, Caen, St Malo etc followed by a few hours of easy driving on empty roads depending on your port of arrival….

Take the Eurostar from London Waterloo to Lille. Then take the TGV (high speed train) to Libourne or Bordeaux, where you can hire a car.

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